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14.January / Leden 2008
Sorry for so long non updated this site. I wanted make a new design but I am too busy to make it. So here I write few news about us.
We recorded new 10 songs / 12 minutes for upcomming split 7"EP´s w/ SEWN SHUT (SWE), PRETTY LITTLE FLOWER (USA) and ELYSIUM (FRA). The split 7"EP w / ELYSIUM isn´t sure now. I wait for Herb´s answer. So I will inform you asap. We will go on tour with our old firneds WHOS MY SAVIOUR so I hope we will meet somewhere / sometime. Its planned for April/ May 2008. So we will see... We hvae new t-shirt design and hoodies too. With / without zip so check our eshop www.psychocontrol.com for more info.

14.January / Leden 2008

Koukam, ze to uz je skoro rok bez aktualizace. Timto se vsem omlouvam. Ale v posledni dobe toho mam hodne a tak alespon aktualiuzuju MYSPACE a BANDZONE. Uz i my jsme se dostali do teto pasti.
Dokoncili jsme nahravani novych veci. Mame 10 valu / 12 minut pro split 7"EP´s w/ SEWN SHUT (SWE), PRETTY LITTLE FLOWER (USA) and ELYSIUM (FRA). S frantikama to je zatim nejisty. Cekam az mi Herb napise co a jak, protoze maji novyho basaka. Mame novy tricka a mikiny s/bez zipu. Kdo ma zajem at se podiva na nas eshop www.psychocontrol.com kde si muzete prohlidnout jak to vypada. A samozrejme si i nejaky objednat.
A tenhle rok na jare pojedeme na mensi snuru s nasima kamosema WHOS MY SAVIOUR. Tak jsme zvedavej jak to dopadne. Jestl it ovsechno vyjde tak by jsme meli jet nekdy v Dubnu / Kvetnu 2008.

27.February / Unor

We have repair our van so we can go on another tour again. Hoodies are sold out. We have a 8 new songs ready to record it for upcomming split 7"EP´s. I hope we will record it next month. Po 5 mesicich mame konecne opravenou dodavku. Mame 8 novych valu a nahravat by jsme meli nekdy brezen / duben. Mikiny jsou vyprodany. Sledujte koncerty a doufam ze se nekde potkame.  

7.October  (ENGLISH)

We are back from our tour. Thanks to all organizers and supporters. our car is broken. So we must buy new engine. Shit. Tour was AWESOME. We met really nice people. NEEDFUL THINGS "Dead Point" t-shirts and hoodie are available now. We have very limited Hoodie so write right now.

12.July  (ENGLISH)

NEEDFUL THINGS "Dead Point" LP will be available at OBSCENE EXTREME Festival 2006. this release has full colour cover artwork and is limited to 500 copies only.  And we got new t-shirts made by KHAARANUS production. Check their website www.khaaranus.wz.cz 

16.May  (ENGLISH)

After 2 months of silence we are here with new energy. WE work hard on new songs for upcoming releases. For split 7"EP w/ SEWN SHUT and for split 7"EP w/PRETTY LITTLE FLOWER  for US label RESCUED FROM LIFE records. We have ready 5 songs of total Grind Core madness. We play live again and we are back from our mini tour in Slovakia, Hungary and Austria. We would like to say big thanks and hello to all organizers and bands which we played with. Thanks to Robo, Anemie, Dr. Slayer and Ivo a 

25.February  (ENGLISH)

here are any news after long pause.  We got a lot of reviews for our debut CD and I will put it here as soon as possible. We will play at GIANTS OF GRIND 3 in Germany. Check fleyer in right column. And now we will have 2 months pause becasue our drummer leave to UK to be rich. And we have planed a lot of gigs in may and june. And we start booking out September tour. 

25.Únor (cesky)

Takze zase nejaky keci po delsi pause. Brzy sem pridame recenze na nasi desku. Budeme hrat na GIANTS OF GRIND 3 spolecne s Lycanthrophy. A nas bubenik odjizdi do Anglie na 2 mesice vydelat nejaky prachy. Takze koncertovat zacneme az koncem dubna kdy odjedeme na kratsi tour Rakousko, Chorvatsko a Madarsko. Pomalu zaciname davat dohromady koncerty pro evropsky tour v Zari 2006. Datumy jsou vpravo stejne jako nase vsechny koncerty.

5.January (ENGLISH)

Happy new year 2666. We are back from our 2 days mini tour in Germany with WOJCZECH. Big thanks and hello to our good friends. Our CD have good reaction from all people. We are waiting for any reviews. And we tasted our new really old light blue van. LP version of "DEAD POINT" will be out till our tour. 

5.Leden (cesky)

Nase dvoudenni minitour po Nemecku s WOJCZECH bylo fajn. Diky jim za to. Koupili jsme dodavku, ktera behem techto dvou dnu prosla ohnem a je pripravena odjet tour, ktere by melo probehnout behem dubna / kvetna. Doufam teda ze to auto vydrzi. Datumy a mista konani koncertu budou pozdeji na techto a KHAARANUS strankach pozdeji. A doufam, ze nase LP verze "DEAD POINT" bude venku pred nasim tour. Vice pozdeji

16. November (ENGLISH)

Finally its here. After 10 years of band existence is our debut CD "Dead Point"  out right now. Yeah you can order it from band or from label. Price is 8 euro / 9 usd + postpaid. After new year we will press new t-shirts with new design.

16. Listopad (cesky)
Konecne je to tady. Po 10 letech existence je venku nas debutni pocin, ktery nese nazev "Deda Point". Muzete zacit objednavat od kapely nebo od labelu. Cena je 250 Kc + posta. Po novem roce budou i trika s novym motivem.

27. October (ENGLISH)

release date of our debut CD called "Dead Point" is 3.-6.November. SO time is running. Really soon you will got our piece of shit. You can pre-order right now at KHAARANUS prod or at my email: psyrec@post.cz we prepare new t-shirt design.

27.Rijen (cesky)

Datum vydani naseho debutniho CD "Dead Point" je stanoven zhruba na 3.-6. Listopadu. Coz je za necele dva tydny. Ale uz ted si muzete psat o objednavky na KHAARANUS prod nebo na muj email: psyrec@post.cz Prestali jsme aktivne hrat koncerty. Rozhodli jsme se udelat alespon 6-10 nových skladeb a pak nasi koncertni cinnost zase obnovit. Myslim si, ze na prelomu Leden / Unor zase budeme schopni zacit hrat live. Kdo ma zajem at se ozve a domluvime se. 

4. October (ENGLISH)

now we are finished mastering and cover for our upcoming CD  called "DEAD POINT" which will by release by KHAARANUS production. More on www.khaaranus.wz.cz so check it for more info and order there. I hope CD will be release really soon and we collect money for LP version of this piece of shit. CD will contain 14 songs / total play time 28 minutes. So be prepare for dose of violence harsh grind core.

4. rijen (CZECH)

konecne jsme dokoncili mastering a obal pro nase debutni CD / LP, ktery ponese nazev "DEAD POINT". CD by melo vyjit brzy na KHAARANUS production. Vice informaci a objednavky na www.khaaranus.wz.cz A kdo ma zajem o vinyl verzi 12" LP si musi trochu pockat az dame dohromady dostatek penez. CD bude obsahovat 14 valu na plose 28 minut. Takze se pripravte na davku violence harsh grind core nateru. Momentalne nebudeme hrat zadny koncerty, protoze jsme se rozhodli udelat novy material. Do konce roku dohrajeme vsechny uz domluveny koncerty. Chceme udelat tak 6-8 novych valu a pak obnovime koncertni cinnost. Uz nas nebavi hrat dokola ty samy skladby, kteryma uz vas otravujeme tak 3 roky.


T-shirts - black,
Sizes (M,L,XL,XXL)
Price 8 euro/10 usd
Fruit of the Loom - 150g/m2
Hoodie - black,
Sizes (M,L,XL,XXL)
Price 8 euro/10 usd
Fruit of the Loom - 280/m2
Hoodie - black,
Sizes (M,L,XL,XXL)
Price 8 euro/10 usd
Fruit of the Loom - 280g/m2



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